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An expert in costume aging, distressing, dyeing and painting, Marliss Jensen has dyed/painted costumes for more than 75 stage productions, and has worked on numerous films, both locally and on location.


A Prairie Home Companion, Greene Street Films, 2006

North Country,  Warner Bros. 2005

Tuck Everlasting, Buena Vista Pictures, 2002

A Simple Plan, Scott Rudin Productions/Paramount, 1998

Feeling Minnesota, Jersey Films/New Line Cinema, 1995

Grumpier Old Men, Warner Bros., 1995        

Beautiful Girls, Miramax Films, 1995

The Cure, Island World/Universal Pictures, 1994

Little Big League, Castle Rock Entertainment/New Line Cinema, 1993

Grumpy Old Men, Warner Bros., 1993

The Mighty Ducks, Avnet-Kerner Company/Walt Disney, 1992

Crossing The Bridge, Outlaw Productions/Touchstone, 1991

Graffiti Bridge, Paisley Park/Warner Bros., 1990

Drop Dead Fred, Working Title Films/New Line Cinema, 1990

  Drop Dead Fred
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