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At IRIS COLOR STUDIO we have been dyeing clothing for over 25 years. Marliss, owner of Iris Color carefully hand-dyes each individual garment, and is an expert in accurate color matching.
We can custom dye most garments: dresses, skirts, pants, coats, jackets, sweaters etc.  Garments must be made of cotton, linen, rayon, silk, wool or nylon. Please read fiber content on garment label before contacting us, as we do not dye polyester, acrylic, fur or leather. 

• Some mixed fiber blends can be dyed
• We can dye a single item or a limited number of similar items
• Customer should provide a color sample (fabric swatch, paint chip, or any other suitable sample)
• Colored garments can only be dyed to a darker color
• Stitching threads are usually polyester and therefore do not dye using our process.  Top stitching may become more noticeable  after dyeing.
• Our dyes are colorfast and will not bleed or run
• Preparing, dyeing and complete rinsing of garments is included, but pressing is not
• Some garments may shrink during the dyeing process
• We cannot dye over spots or stains because in most cases the spots or stains will still be there after dyeing, especially if they have been treated by a cleaner.  Occasionally wool garments can be dyed to a dark enough color to cover spots or stains

• The charge to dye most items is between $125.00 and $250.00. Most clothing will be returned within 2 weeks. A rush charge will be added if work needs to be completed in less time.
• Customer pays shipping both ways via USPS, UPS or FedEx
• Payment can be made by personal check, or by phone, using a credit card

Before sending or bringing us your garment, please e-mail info@iriscolorstudio.com or call at 612.377.1833 so we can make the necessary arrangements

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